You said we did – June 2023

We're listening to your feedback

You've been giving us your feedback on your care and treatment. You told us:

1. You fed back that our phone message was too long.
2. You fed back that you would like more face to face appointments
3. You fed back that the appointment system was restrictive and needed auditing. Also that you wanted more online bookable appointments.

We're listening and this is what we are doing:

1. We trimmed our phone message down significantly.
2. We changed our appointment system for the afternoons making all appointments available face to face if that is the patient's preference.
3. We are currently involved in a major audit of our appointment systems and will be offering more online bookable appointments along with an online triage system that should open up more appointments.

Having your say helps to improve care for everyone so please keep putting us to the test by giving us your feedback each time you use our services.

Download the June feedback poster