Patient Survey Results for September and October 2023

Patient Feedback:

In just a few words, please could you tell us why you made that choice?

Very professional
Caller 28 in the queue, spoke to the GP with query pulled muscle in chest. Asked to be seen to reassure all ok. Hoped for examination, blood pressure, pulse checked but instead referred to hospital. Attended hospital to be advised it was in fact, a pulled muscle. Lots of time and resource wasted.
He was very helpful with dealing with my enquiry.
13 day wait for routine appointment and time slot was 9-12 not god for anxious or people with busy mornings when not always able to comit to being free to answer a phone over a 3 hour period
Thorough checkup attentive to symptoms and has followed up issues since returning to the surgery
Everything was explained very clearly.
Got sorted quickly.
Fantastic support and advice
Friendly and helpful
I came for treatment and this was explained and I was treated as explained
I had very good advice
Brilliant Doctor and service
The consultation was conducted in a professional manner
The efficiency and general attitude of the pharmacist was very good
Was expecting a telephone consultation on 11th September after 13.00hrs which I did not receive
Gave me enough information about my problem Explained all about management
The usual excellent service.
Ms. sarah jones (nurse) is always very affectionate and lovely.
Dr Morris always provides excellent service and listens
On time
It was quick and efficient
I saw a doctor who I had not seen before he was pleasant and informed me of my treatment that was needed.
Good professional advice
The dr was very good but more info should have been made available.
I had severe neausea and required advice and possibly medicine.
Dr Slade was really nice -caring and compassionate and was really thorough
On time and very efficient
Very professional and friendly
Friendly efficient
Male nurse was patient and gentle
Ethan made me feel very comfortable
Male trainee nurse was very kind and cooperative
Because they are all very nice people
Nurse was very kind and patience
She was lovely with my little boy
Came in early and was seen straight away. Very pleasant person taking the blood test.
Dr Dave really listens and does just rush to get you out
I went to have blood taken for regular testing, but then got told a urine sample would also be needed. This meant that I had to return the following day with the sample which could g go have been avoided had I been told this when making the appointment!!
professional and friendly
Fast. Efficient. Caring.
GP did what he said he would do and reported back timeously.
Friendly and professional
Easy booking, generous manner of doctor, thorough and rigorous. Generous with time
Dr Slade gave a clear and concise evaluation of my recent tests.
Saw a Dr same morning
He was very helpful and understanding
Got a proper examination with blood tests
I was very happy with the overall experience.
Helped with the issue
I was seen on time.Practice nurse was very pleasant,efficient and helpful.
Seperate phone call to make bloods appointment
The medication prescribed seems to be working effectively.
Very professional, put me at ease.
Seen Dr De Souza who in my opinion is very caring,listens and puts you at ease. A very caring GP.
Very thorough and added extra follow up appointment
Would have rather had a face to face appointment.
Dr Morris understood and listened to my concerns and provided appropriate treatment with option to follow up in two weeks.
Through nhs 119
Very easy to get an appointment, had a phone call quite quickly
Seen early and given advice
GPs are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.The reception staff are awesome helpfull and friendly
It’s related blood test sample which was taken nicely
All went well, didn’t have any wait time
Got an urgent appointment
Dr Morris is looking after me
There where helpfully to me
Refused me to WYTHENSHAWE for further investigation
My doctor knows my condition well and I wanted a referral suggested by my physio.
Because he was good
The nurse was kind and thorough
Still awaiting referrals
Very quick response
It’s was via phone took 3 weeks to speak to someone and felt rather impersonal
I’m sick of arguing with doctors about my symptoms and getting the right help.
I needed antibiotics for an infected insect bit, which needed urgent asessmenr, i was sorted in 24 hrs
Appointment was made over the telephone for the same day.
Because it was.
I got a plan to move forward
I desperately need an mri scan I’m happy to pay but apparently doctors can not order them for some reason.
Prompt, polite and efficient response to my issues
I wanted a female doctor
Receptionist helpfull. Appointment ran on time
It all went very smoothly and I didn’t have to wait long.
It all went very smoothly
I was done and dusted in 5 minutes
Very professional
Very professional,puts you at ease
Very efficient, friendly and professional
Quick efficient and friendly
Lovely surgery
Quick and efficient service
Very professional.
Gentleman nurse always has smile on his face
Sarah was excellent, and was greeted by an extremely bubbly male nurse who stopped and chatted to me.
Dr made an appointment very quickly I am very happy with service
Professional, friendly put me at ease.
Quick and efficient
In and out
Very straight forward and didn’t wait too long.
They were very professional and put me completely at ease.
Spoke to the doctor home call I would have preferred seeing them face to face
Professional service , good communication
Quick and efficient
Both nurses were polite, gentle,highly professional and brilliant experienced.
Efficient polite service
I was offered a shingles jab then I was told they didn’t know if I could have one
Had to see a doctor
I was seen quickly and efficiently
Easy in and out short waitf
Quick in and out flu jab
In and out in a few mins
The flu jabs were done quickly on the time given
In and out quickly.
on time in and out quicly👍👍
Surprised to see Dr Morris administering routine Flu jab, but also helped with another matter
The staff were very polite and efficient
Quick and efficient
Very professional
Professional caring, polite
Speedy simple process for flu jab
Was seen on t
I was seen almost immediately with pleasantness and professionalism
Prompt and efficient service
Prompt attention professional friendly service
Very efficient
Nice and professional
Great from start to finish
It was quick
Efficient, caring and friendly.
On time and professional treatment
I arrived for my appointment a few minutes early for my flu injection. I was attended to straight away.
Friendly nurses and appointment was on time
I came for my flu jab I was in and out in 5 mins
I was seen straight away and the nurse approached me and made me feel very welcome and relaxed and spoken tome asking how was my day she made me feel safe I hate needles and she was so nice before I knew it was over and done with
There were no queues , I was in and out in a few minutes.
They give good service ca
Prompt and efficient
Flu Jab
Efficiently dealt with
The appointment was carried out promptly
Myself & my wife got our flu injections
On time professional good manner
Just a jab
Efficient, on time and helpful.
Very quick administration of flu jab
Ethan a nice reassuring young man, a pleasure to see him..
Very professional excellent service
Very nice asking lots
The Nurse doing the flu injection did his job. Pretty straightforward really.
Very friendly
In, jab, out. Friendly.
Dr Slade was very helpful and thorough.
Prompt, friendly, efficient.
No waiting. Went straight in and was dealt with in a friendly manner
Because I found the service very good
Just brilliant & the appt was very thorough
On time
Pleasant & efficient nurse
The nurse was pleasant and efficient
The nurse was very good with my mum
Came for a flu jab. Everything was quick and easy. Nurse was lovely.
App questions answered and excellent advice received.
Quick, efficient service
Easy to check in using self check in screen, appointment and quick
The nurse was very friendly
Appointment cancelled while I wear waiting to see thedoctor
Very pleased.
I was seen on time & nurse was professional but friendly.
He listened and was reassuring
High blood pressure doctor saw every two days to get it under control
Charming polite answered all my questions
Appointment was cancelled after i was waiting 40 minutes due to an emergency
Rebecca was friendly, caring and professional
Very efficient and quick to be seen
Because it was ok
Clear explanation with care
vert professional
Attentive to my needs
Very supportive, I felt listened to and the doctor followed up with an outgoing call to myself as they had suggested they would.
Answered my questions
She was professional and efficient, and put me at ease
I asked for a call back to discuss some new tablets. No one called back. A prescription was done automatically with a consultation and nobody advised it had been done
Everything is good apart from trying to get through on the phone once your through no problems
Call was made as promised and my questions were answered.
Because it was a phone call
Felt ill
Felt listened to. My history was taken into account. Dealt with 2 requests promptly. Prescription was done promptly. Factored in my preferences
I just thought the service was good
Took good attention
Dr Morris always gives excellent advice and infor
Got seen pretty much at the appointment number 3.
I was seen on time and was not rushed.
Care is always at a high standard.
Dr. Morris is as always professional and thorough.
Absolutely 💯 % pleased with Dr sorted my issue out
Been waiting to see somebody northing has been done
Dr Morris’ manner was short and information/reassurance was minimal
Kind and quality service 👌
Appointment time met. No delay
Listened to and given advice
On time.friendly,pain free fluvaccination
Dr Slade is kind, caring and she listens
Very clear information and very pleasant
I didn’t need to phone the practice to get my results. The doctor rang me.
Quick and efficient
On time
Dr Morris was on time and dealt with the problem
Doctor was very thorough
Same day appointment
Well looked after
Very cooperative
Well looked after very caring
Doctor very thorough, caring and helpful.
Gave me all the information that I needed
Dr Slade was marvellous and so understanding and compassionate
Dr slade was amazing and really made and effort to listen to my concerns about my health
A very caring team of Doctors
Appointment was very quick but did not check name DOB or any information just asked if it was for flu jab
Was very helpfulp
You see us soon is possible
Straight in and out
Seen almost straight away whole flu jab procedure took less than a minute
They made me very relaxed ,comfortable the nurses were very very nice because I hate needles and before I knew it it was over
On time
Professional,courteous and reassuring
I was seen to immediately and didn’t have to wait
Efficient and punctual
Came for my flu jab, but he want over and up to enquire how I had been feeling generally and arranged to take blood as well
Lovely friendly & chatty
Spot on with the timing
Friendly and professional
Well organised, in and out, nice friendly staff.
I was very well looked after, and everything was clearly explained
Professional, organised, helpful
Flu injection
Still in pain with little solution
Excellent well coordinated
No convinced that I would not have been given the correct injection had I not been aware of its importance
Appointment felt impersonal, hurried and disorganised in marked contrast to my usual experiences when visitin the health centre. I do not know who I saw. Neither practitioners introduced themselves!
Very prompt and efficient service
It was pleasant and relaxing
I was late but they waited 4me
Quick and friendly experience.
I found the service very good
Because doctors DONT listen to what we say. I was advised to never go to this surgery and due to poor notes and NOT noting I’ve always said it’s an injury I’ve lost a £20,000 civil case even though my notes at physios say otherwise. Dr’s need to listen to detail.
Because doctors DONT listen to what we say. I was advised to never go to this surgery and due to poor notes and NOT noting I’ve always said it’s an injury I’ve lost a £20,000 civil case even though my notes at physios say otherwise. Dr’s need to listen to detail.
No waiting – Kind efficient reception and servi e
Quick, easy and the nurse was very professional and polite
No waiting time
I want to get a blood test at gatley clinic and unfortunately the nurse was not to be able to take my bloods because you haven’t confirmed what is this needed to be done for me which made me waste my time and come all the way from university of Bradford to get it but I didn’t.
I am really satisfy
Very professional and caring
It was a pleasant experience from the two individuals who helped
I achieved what I needed and felt listened to.
Because they were caring
Fast, friendly and efficient.
Well organised for flu jab
A physical check, along with thorough questions and informative combatants.
I was seen promptly
Very efficient and helpful
I was called in early and was in and out and the nurse was very friendly and professional
Appointment on time nurse very understanding
Pleasant staff. Seen on time.
Very efficient
Very efficient service
Studied and asked questions and worked out how best to help
Service was quick and efficient
I arrived,went straight in,and was dealt with in a very curious manner, as usual.
It was for a flu ‘jab’
Was seen before appointment time
Came for flu jab-nurse pleasant and booked Covid jab for me
Because the vaccination booking service worked well and I was seen on time
No waiting straight in for flu jab.
Not sure if the person I saw was a GP doctor or other
Flu vaccination, no waiting and efficiently carried out
No waiting no problems
Cheerful atmosphere
GP listened to what I had to say and advised appropriately.
Flue jab
Very professional, kind and understanding
Very good vaccination service but last minute reschedule could have been better
Quick and efficient service
I had a fall in the surgery and the staff took care of me
Went for a flu vaccine. It was over very quickly.
Prompt and efficient service.
This was for flu vaccination brilliant efficient service.
On time, friendly professional nurse, helpful
Very professionally done job
Attended for flu vaccination. Slightly early for appointment. Directed by the receptionist to the appropriate rooms. No queue and seen immediately. In and out in a matter of minutes. Thoroughly professional service as always.
Good advice listen ms to what I have to say and more often than not I get to see the same doctor
The nurse was extremely helpful and professional.
dr morris didn’t seem interested in my problem I felt fobbed off
Very friendly. Good communication skills.
Was attended to straight away
nurse very welcoming and polite
On time
Very quick and professional
No waiting time
Hopefully we will get the result I came in for. I
Because I thought it was
Very quickly seen.
On time, lovely nurse.
Appointment was on time and the service professional.
I was seen almost straight away,the nurse was friendly,just did my flu jab and I was free to go
Good but not very good
Went in on time
Because it was a very nice lady
The nurse was reall y nice and very reassuring
No waiting.
Doing a good job ev
Very nice dr Morris is very nice lady to me
It was just a flu jab
Kind, friendly and professional
Excellent service with a great and friendly nurse.
My appointment was with a Nurse
This was for flu injection. Very quick in and out in no time.
Appointment more or less on schedule.
Always friendly and informative
I was in and out so quickly didn’t feel a thing when having my flu jab
The nurse gave me my flu jab very efficiently. She noticed that I was up for review next month and made me an appointment for this. She was both kind and efficient.
Very short waiting time. Nice friendly manner.
Ethan very caring
Got what I came for and very pleasant staff
Friendly and quick
Quick and efficient
Dr Slade listened to me. Was helpful.
The person who called was not well informed about high cholesterol and has not followed up by sending me more information
Lack of direction when entering surgery, I ended up in the queue for the other side which made me 15 minutes for my appointment, otherwise everything went smoothly
The nurse was lovely and there was a huge long queue for the other practice.
Good service
Speed of attention
Very friendly and professional.
Dr listened and was accurate in his assment and advice.
Appointment time kept highly professional treatment
Appointment on time, quickly executed, nurse new exactly what she was doing and very pleasant. E
Arrived a little early. Was called. Had flu jab and was in and out in less than five minutes.
Professional , polite, looked smart
Quick and easy visit
Painless flu jab with no fuss
Very helpful
My appointment was very quick and very efficient.
Very attentive
Because you are very professional
Ot was good on time and efficient
Clear info
Very caring and friendly
I felt I needed to see a doctor
Lots of info given and possible causes and cures discussed
Easy to sign in. On time. Nurse also booked me in for my annual checkup.
Nurse Sarah was lovely, a real caring person..she really understands my ongoing pain I am still suffering..she also represcribed Butec patches that may take off the edge of my pain until I get to see the doctor at Pain Clinic, Wythenshawe Hospital on Dec18th 2023..
Everything ran like clockwork. Very pleasant and professional
I was seen early for blood test & the nurse gave me advice for my upcoming colonoscopy at the hospital
Sue receptionist is lovely and accommodating and the nurse was very thorough and professional .
I am a bit of a puzzle and the doctor is trying everything to sort me.
Unfortunately the appointment was more than 15 minutes late
On time. Efficient. Fast. Friendly and painless
Physio didn’t seem bothered about resolving my problem
I was called for a flu jab.
Empathy and speed
Speedy service
Very calm and helpful
On time and quick
Easy to check in, comfortable waiting room, seen on time.
Dr slade as been very supportive with my husband
Previously I have said this practice is the most efficient that I have ever encountered. Nothing has changed. This is a 5 star organisation.
Patient and professional
Felt so relaxed
We had an appointment time but it ended up a free for all unfortunately because my husband and couldn’t move fast we tended to be behind people who came in much later then us
No issues
Efficient and pleasant
Kind professional considerate
Appt was on time and efficient
I thought the nurse was very clear in what she was dealing
Quick visit
Friendly and professional.
Professional and friends
The nurse was very caring
In and out quickly
My appointment was on time and the flu injection was managed professionally.
cieran is a wonderful gp & i appreciate the service offered
Very well organised .. and friendly aporoach by nursing staff.
Quite satisfied with care and treatment
Everything was dealt with like clockwork.
I’m & put within 10 minutes.
Very professional and informed consultation
I managed to get a telephone app. And the dr rang back fairly quickly
Didn’t wait for my appointment time .
Felt I mattered
On time nice and friendly
Good onfo
I was asked to attend an appointment
The professional cud of been more friendly
Friendly and very helpful and accommodating
Diagnosis were good and relived me
She was welcoming, friendly, efficient and caring.
Appointment on time no problems
well received and communicated to
Because of a on going illness
Efficient service
Excellent knowledgeable nursing staff
Very efficient and polite and made me feel relaxed
Very professional and knowledgeable
Prompt and efficient
Very efficient and pleasant nurse did my flu injection
Excellent consultation and happy with the treatment.
Appointment on time. .
Fab nurse
Fast appointment
Cheerful,clear, informative.
Fast anx efficient
We didn’t have to wait long. Good service
Didn’t do some of my annual health checks , hight weight etc
Got an appointment
Everything went smoothly and punctuality
I arrived early and was seen straight away.
Flu jab
Appointment, did not have to wait, the nurse was very helpful
Efficient and pleasant manner while administering vaccine s
Nurse wasn’t friendly and was dismissive of my concerns
Efficient and quick
No issues
Very professional’ knowledgeable ‘ and very caring
Always make me feel at ease very caring and helpful
The nurse was willing to listen, and generally very kind to me
Always well cared for
Gp gave me a good advice
Very friendly and professional.
Appt was on time
Professional, efficient and on time
Very professional
Because she was very efficient
Dr Ciaran listened to my symptoms after promptly phoning me.He was thorough with his questions and my concerns about the need to discuss my medical problem.
Prompt appointment
I was seen at Gatley Medical Centre
Didn’t have to wait too long before being called in and the nurse was pleasant and efficient.
Very quick, did have to wait however
Like the doctors
Very rarely have to wait
25 min delay to see Dr deSouza, but he was v good
Everything went smoothly and didn’t have to wait too long
Only had to wait 5 min
My appointment was for 9 50 I waited till 10 15 and had no explanation as to why delay. Very disrespectful given no information. Had to re book for November. I plan my day by time and was behind schedule with other appointments I had in stretford. Very disappointed.
Professional, friendly, thorough
Very nice kind nurse
Seen on time. Very nice nurse
Because feel good
On time and dealt with speedily
The doctor was very reassuring and kind
Very quick, easy & painless bloods taken.
I was seen on time
My appointment was on time,and the doctor was really good
Ethan is efficient & helpful
Telephone appointment
Quick and friendly
Friendly and helpul attentive
As always the surgery is brilliant and I always get seen the same day if necessary.
Dealt with promptly
Rang at 8am and was seen by Dr same day
Very helpful and seen to on the day
Efficient polite and gave me chance to say what I thought
Expert knowledge and polite treatment
The GP assisted me very well
Dr Slade rang me to check on my health since being diagnosed with breast cancer. She was very kind, caring and supportive.
Dr Slade is very professional and thorough and made me feel at ease
The gp was very attentive
Very helpful & pleasant
You kept the appointment time. A clear course of action was agreed and so far put into practice
Felt dismissed
Empathy and ease of speaking to them
Fully reviewed as per appointment
Answered all my questions with care and understanding
The member of staff was very professional and efficient and friendly
Straightforward conversations got
answered all the questions clearly
The advice I received was very good, and further tests are being completed to get to the bottom of my issues
Kind and efficient
Caring and understanding
Flu jab 2/10/23
I was listened to
Dr Slade listened to my problem and prescribed Amoxicillin, which helped.
Doctor listened to what I was calling about and he prescribed some antibiotics for the infection he thought I had, personally I would’ve preferred a face to face consultation
Was given the medication i was hoping for!
Booking in was easy. Appointment was not on schedule.
Telephone appt , call came in on twine
Got a result
Dr showed concern for my health and has done me a urgent referral
I had been for a scan and you rang to discuss the details with me
The doctor was patient, emphatic and understanding
I was seen promptly when I attended the medical centre and the Dr answered all my questions
Dr Slade took great care to check my wellbeing and followed up appropriately.
I wasn’t there. We had to extend our holiday
Because the nurse was very careing
DR.asked all questions.. we were both quite poorly my husband and myself. Prescriged accordingly..Then a gem of a question she asked are you both managing do you need any help. Thank you so much to the Doctor. Just a sentence makes all the differenc3
Seen on time, was asked if i wanted additional vaccinations due to my age i was unaware i could have this.
I’m not sure if he listened to my concerns about my medication
Always efficient
Excellent service
The doctor sorted me out
Needed to see face to face not on phone but was helpful to find out about when I will have my op on my hand
Doctor Ong was very good with Alessandro, and rang the next day to check up on him. This was really thoughtful
Dr was approachable and listened to all my questions.
Put at ease straight away with the lovely nurse .
Very caring and professional
Good advice and thorough
Very good
Superb nurses
Professional in approach. Asked questions and confirmed details. Explained what was happening during the process and what to expect.
She was very caring and efficient
Proffesional caring conversation
Nhs arranged
Appt. Ran to time, Dr was very nice and helpful
In 2?years at this practice I have only ever seen i doctor and that was for their benefit
Highly professional well prepared organised next stepd
It good
Blood test
Was able to deal with what I needed
On Time, Helpful, Efficient
She was very helpful and caring extremely nic and put me at ease
Impressed with the service.
Dealt with very good
GP rang me back the same day.
Doctor was reassuring
Once again it was just a very short telephone appointment with a faceless doctor who seemed to be in a hurry to move on to the next call on his list.
As always good professional advice
Very quick and professional
Nurse was lovely, friendly and efficient
He made me feel at ease and was very professional and caring
The nurse did a good checkup of me.
Very welcoming and pleasant
Easy to arrange, appointment on time, very good experience with the nurse.
Quick and efficient
Very professional and easy to talk to
Knowledgeable helpful advise
Finally had my feet checked
Doctor Peters prescribed antibiotics immediately for severe infection following cystoscopy
Quick response and good telephone diagnosis
Very caring
Ethan was lively
Good service
Felt doctor didn’t ask me questions, she took the comments from receptionist and acted upon them . She rushed through and I forgot to ask about another matter .
The nurse was nice and gave me some good advice, pain free procedure of flu injection
Sent me to hospital for investigation
Pleasant interview
It’s the treatment I expected
Confident in her responses. Able to answer my questions.
Proffesional friendly Doctor
He was thorough with what he was looking fot
the help was what you like to expect
You all are very professional/friendly
I needed the appointment earlier
No waiting time and very pleasant
Good care
Rapid response to my symptons
Friendly and made me feel at ease
Seen me that same afternoon and was very friendly
Routine quarterly, check on medication
Dr listened gave me a prescription.
First time I have spoken to the practice pharmacist so nothing to compare against. Overall met my expectations so felt it was a a good outcome.
So easy to check in
Unable to diagnosed my symptoms
She listened to me and then advised appropriately
I was seen on time, Nicks manner put me at ease.
I was happy with everything
Very pleasant visit, full explanation of procedure for referral.
Professional and efficient
I was soon told of the purpose of my tests and given the answers to my questionsns

Negative Feedback and our Responses:

We apologise for any inconvenience or frustration caused to our patients as evidenced by the small percentage of negative feedback received. We value our patient’s feedback and would like to address each concern individually:

‘Caller 28 in the queue, spoke to the GP with query pulled muscle in chest. Asked to be seen to reassure all is ok. Hoped for examination, blood pressure, pulse checked but instead referred to hospital. Attended hospital to be advised it was in fact, a pulled muscle. Lots of time and resources wasted.”

Regarding the query about a pulled muscle in the chest, we understand your frustration with being referred to the hospital instead of receiving an examination at the GP practice. However, it is important to note that the GP’s decision to refer you to the hospital was based on providing the most appropriate care for your condition. The GP’s role includes signposting patients to the most suitable services, and in this case, it was determined that a hospital assessment was necessary.

“Was expecting a telephone consultation on the 11th of September after 13:00 hours which I did not receive.”

We are so sorry to hear that you weren’t able to get the appointment you scheduled. We’ve found that many patients provide their mobile phone numbers as the call back number. Sometimes the ring is on silent or they pop into the next room and miss the call. We sincerely hope this doesn’t happen again.

“I went to have blood take nfor regular testing, but then got told a urine sample would also be needed. This meant that I had to return the following day with the sample which could have been avoided had I been told this when making the appointment.”

We are so sorry to hear that you experienced this inconvenience. Previously, we have had admin staff working on the recall system for things like this. Because they don’t have the clinical insight that a clinician who regularly conducts these reviews would have, we have experienced problems as you have described. To mitigate this we have brought on one of our previous HCA’s into a role called the Recall Care Coordinator. She will be able to utilise her clinical knowledge to ensure that all appointments booked for reviews, blood tests, urine tests etc… are streamlined and accurate so that no one else experiences what you’ve described.

“ I’m sick of arguing with doctors and getting the right help.”

We understand your frustration with not receiving the right help from doctors. However, it is important to trust the medical professionals who have the relevant training and expertise to determine the best course of action for your health concerns.

“Appointment cancelled while waiting to see the doctor.”
“Appointment cancelled after I was waiting 40 minutes due to an emergency”

We apologise for the cancellation of your appointment due to a GP’s illness. Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances can arise, and our GPs, like all employees, are susceptible to illness. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we strive to provide the best care possible.

“Dr Morris manner was short and information/reassurance was minimal.”

We apologise for any dissatisfaction with the manner and reassurance provided by Dr Morris. While we understand your concerns, it is worth noting that during the same time period, many other patients provided positive feedback and assessments for Dr Morris.

“Not convinced that I would not have been given the correct injections had I not been aware of it’s importance.”

We apologise but there is a lack of information provided to investigate your concern about the correct injections. If you could provide us with more details, we would be happy to look into the matter further.

“Appointment felt impersonal, hurried and disorganised in marked contract to my usual experiences when visiting the health centre. I do not know who I saw. Neither practitioners introduced themselves.”

We apologise for the impersonal, hurried, and disorganised appointment you experienced, as well as the lack of introduction from the practitioners. We hold our clinicians to high standards and will address this issue in upcoming Practice Meetings and Away Days to ensure that all clinicians introduce themselves to patients.

“Because Doctors don’t listen to what we say. I was advised to never go to this surgery and due to poor notes and NOT noting I’ve always said it’s an injury, I’ve lost £20,000 civil case even though my notes at physios say otherwise. Drs need to listen to detail.”

We apologise for any misunderstanding or miscommunication that may have occurred. When GPs take notes, their primary focus is on the patient’s medical health rather than any potential future litigation. It is unfortunate that the physio’s notes were not considered in your legal case.

“Dr Morris didn’t seem very interested in my problem. I felt fobbed off.”

We apologise for any perception that Dr. Morris was not interested in your problem and that you felt fobbed off. We received numerous positive feedback submissions for Dr. Morris during the same time period.

“The person who called was not well informed about high cholesterol and has not followed up by sending me information.”

We apologise for the lack of information provided about high cholesterol and the failure to send you the promised information. If this occurs in the future, please contact the surgery so that we can rectify the situation and ensure your needs are properly addressed.

Physio didn’t seemed bothered about resolving my problem.”

We apologise for any perception that the physio was not concerned about resolving your problem. While the physio is not employed by us, we have shared your feedback with their manager.

“Nurse wasn’t friendly and was dismissive of my concerns.”

We apologise for any unfriendliness or dismissiveness displayed by the nurse. Your feedback will be shared with the nursing team to raise awareness and improve future interactions.

“My appointment was for 9:50 I waited till 10:15 and had no explanation as to why delay. Very disrespectful given no information. Had to re book for November. I plan my day by time and was behind schedule with their appointments I had in Stretford. Very disappointing.”

We apologise for the delay in your appointment and the lack of explanation provided. We understand that this was disrespectful and caused inconvenience. We will address this issue with the wider team to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

“Felt Dismissed”

We apologise for any feeling of dismissal you experienced. We strive to provide attentive and compassionate care to all our patients. Your feedback will be shared with the wider team to improve our service and ensure a better experience in the future.

“Once again it was just a very short telephone appointment with a faceless doctor who seemed to be in a hurry to get on to the next call on his list.”

We apologise for any perception that the telephone consultation with the GP was rushed. Your feedback will be shared with the wider team to improve future experiences at our surgery.

We appreciate your feedback and assure you that we take it seriously. We are committed to continuously improving our services and addressing any concerns raised by our patients. Thank you for bringing these issues to our attention.