Patient Survey Feedback – August 2023

Patient Survey Results for August 2023
Patient Feedback August 2023

In just a few words, please could you tell us why you made that choice?

Because I was not seen or notified
Gp took time to listen give contact number and reception staff very helpful too
Very professional and reassuring advice
On time, very professional, very helpful
Wasn’t there long enough to have an opinion
Seen very close to appointment time. Very pleasant member of staff
Kind, friendly, smooth and on time
Super efficient. Called on time. Was in and out within 10 mins
I had my bp taken as I have a problem with it and I was having a blood test to check on new meds I’d been given for it . They did not have a large size cuff in the whole surgery to fit my arm . You get an incorrect reading and it is painful if cuff is too small. The nurse who was nice said she would order one. One for a surgery that size . The nurse took my blood using s manual bp machine but still with a smaller cuff than was required . I can’t be the only overweight person in the whole of heald green . .
Very helpful
On time
Appointment was on time and nurse Claire was very nice.
Very professional, friendly, patient and kind
Physio was not the procedure for me recommended painkillers
Proffesional friendly treatment
Lovely nurse
Very helpful and efficient nurse
Exceptionally professional and super timely
Everything was as expected, despite appointment time being a little late
I rec’d a call from Dr Rabia to come and see her as there was some concern about my HEALTH.
Friendly, efficient
Face to face appointment changed to telephone consult 10 minutes before appointment was due to start
No waiting, the doctor was very kind and dealt with my problem sympathetically.
Well organised
Friendly nurse and prompt attention
Seemed to understand
Explained blood test results
On time and very attentive
Professional approach to work
Punctual and courteous
The doctor was very understanding, helpful and showed care
The nurse was very kind and understanding
The Nurse was excellent but having booked the appointment for 12.50 pm, (confirmed by a previous text ), I arrived to find that I was early and wouldn’t be seen until 2.00 pm. The receptionist sorted the problem !
Was seen exactly at my appointment time. Nurse extremely professional and pleasant
Attentive caring consultation
I was 10 minutes late for my appointment and spoke to the receptionist who spent time trying to speak to the nurse who apparently was on the phone. The receptionist spoke to the nurse and then told me I was too late to be seen and therefore had to make another appointment which I have done.
Nurse very helpful and guided me on prevention for diabetes and diet plan
Drs are all very compassionate, and caring
Very helpful and considerate
Always helpful and friendly
She did my blood pressure
Didn’t wait long to be called, nurse Sarah was lovely and kept me calm
I found that lady was kind of rude
To give blood for diabetic review
The receptionist is rude every time on the phone
Kind, professional and efficient
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable.
Seen close to appointment time. Nurse was nice and polite.
Had to wait over half an hour after my appointment time
Had a blood test, Sky is fantastic at her job.
The nurse was very caring and helpful
She carried out tests i needed and more and then got Dr Morris to see what i had complained sbout as well. Very professionalBris
I got through at 8.01 straight away, was seen via telephone at 9am and treatment commenced immediately. I also had blood tests the same day.
All my concerns were addressed
The nurse I saw was very patient and helpful and we are trying to control my Asthma and chest infections in the winter months by starting now
I didn’t have long to wait, nurse was very helpful and nice.
Good treatment
Sky was very eeefficient and very polite.
very polite and professional
Bexcuse this doctors surgery are very supportive and caring
Doctor was very polite, answered all my questions and didn’t try to rush me
For a a joint injection
Knee specialist
Very Professional and always easy to talk to.
Very helpful and informative
On time…put you at ease…explained everything
Doctor went out of her way to ensure my treatment was fulfilled
Very reassuring, listen to what I said , helped with everything very professional thank you so much for all your help with my son
The dr was very nice explaining what was happening
Very efficient
Our son Dylan was seen instantly on the same day by the GP when we expressed our concern about veins in his legs
Notified by Pharmacist that I was being put on blood pressure tablets without a conversation with the nurse or doctor.
She was easy to understand
Very knowledgeable physio
Good follow up and prompt response
I was taken seriously & made to feel that my visit was worthwhile
Routine check-up
Dr listened to me. And was very caring.
It was an appointment, what else can I say?
Cancelled at short notice
Very helpful and patient with a nervous 8 year old
Friendly and reassuring.
On time
The appointment was unhurried and informative throughout
We just talked about my back he said he would send me a link with exercises but the link didn’t open.
I got to my appointment early and I was seen right away by Rebecca
Was in and out didn’t have to wait
Friendly and patient service
Comfortable waiting area and friendly staff .
Very pleasant, professional & explained everything Helpful advice
Very thorough and made appropriate referrals and followed up with text information.
Very understanding and caring
Doctor Wilson , took a good look at all my questions and listened to what I needed answering to confirm and reassure me.
Pleasant, to the point.
The doctor was calm and made you feel at ease
Friendly and efficient
It was a Locum Doc so we have no prior relationship. He was fine but I would have preferred a familiar Doctor
Just made a booking
Pleasant reception and helpful
I was made to feel as though I was important and an individual not just another patient
The doctor answered all my queries very satisfactorily
Was told all I needed to know and felt reassured with the information given
Punctual and precise
This was a face to face appt which due to number of patient,I was v grateful to have.
friendly efficient information in time constraints
All the doctor did was put details on his computer. No explanations of what it could be. I wasn’t impressed
Ethan was extremely helpful and explained the process extensively. I am very happy with the experience I had at this visit.
Ethan was superb. 👍
I have never seen said male nurse before, but I would again. Perfect addition to the team.
Very professional throughout the appointment
Excellent service friendly helpful staff
Doctor listened to me and explained the problem clearly.
Good care and attention
Knowledgeable and professional, felt well cared for
Everyone always seem so pleasant and helpful whenever I have visited
Not confident in doctors response to both problems
Nobody seemed to know what the telephone appointment was about??
Dr Slade is trying every avenue to help and knows all my history without having to repeat it every time I speak to her
All my questions were answered, felt reassured after my visit,short waiting time.
Appointment was on time the doctor asked all the relevant questions
Dr Morris really listened to my concerns and ensured I had the appropriate follow ups needed
The doctor was very good explained everything clearly
Because I was in pain they did not help
The nurse was so good
All was explained and un-hurried.
The pharmacist was patient and polite. He answered our questions and concerns.
Very attentive and helpful
Very professional and caring GP
I saw the gp face to face and told him my concerns and he examined me, which I think is very important
Needed antibiotics
On time and all situations addressed satisfactory.
Prompt follow up after a blood test
I needed advice and reassurance that I was doing the right thing with medication
Doctor helpful
There was confusion about the type of consultation I was having .
Although the service was good, on my NHS app the appointment was said to be for Essential hypertension, the blood test was intended to measure my Serum globule level. My hypertension has been at normal level for years.
I had pain in shoulder
Because they were professional
Appointment was changed to one to one
Very helpful and quick
I was listened to and received prompt care and effective follow up care referrals.
Always give us an appointment straight away.
Very professional
Care and promise Dr will ring me to check my progress
Appointment was scheduled
I was listened to and appropriate advice was given
The nurse was very friendly and professional. I had a blood test and she was very efficient
After blood results came back, no follow up about what else needs to be investigated to diagnose symptoms. Left without diagnosis for fainting episodes.
The doctor listened to my worries and I was checked over thoroughly. The doctor sent off referrals for me and one arrived very quickly. So hopefully my issues will be resolved.
Can’t fault anything whatsoever a brilliant service as per usual
Quick appointment. Very helpful doctor. Referral for hospital appointment.
Caring and friendly doctor, fast referral and took care to explain everything
Excellent as always
I contacted the surgery as I had symptoms of vertigo, temperature and earache and I was contacted back shortly by Dr De Souza
Dr kept me appraised with clear information.
Efficient response and dealt with to a high standard
Dr Morris was really helpful.
Still difficult t0 get a face to face appointments
Speak and explained nicely
I felt my problem was investigated very well and face to face appointment was helpful
Professional friendly doctor
I got an immediate appointment due to my issue being around mental health
I didn’t visit the surgery, this was just a telephone ‘consultation’.
Lovely friendly nurse
Lovely friendly nurse
Very professional
I was in and out in 5 minutes. Good doctor can’t remember his name.
Because that is true.
Don’t know the Doctor
Telephone consultation.
Caring and listening ear.
Dr. de Souza was very thorough in describing why further medication required.
Got good service
Because they cancelled my appointment that I’ve been waiting on for 3 weeks
Had to call back to get answer after being told someone would contact me
Telephone consultation, was admitted to hospital for an emergency colostomy
Dr was very thorough with the examination .
Reception staff were rude on the phone but doctor was great
Was listened and explained to
Best doctor iv seen in a long time did proper check over how it use to be when you seen a go years ago
My request was actioned
The willingness of the doctor to explain the condition
Never have a problem May have to wait in queue but not for long
I had a miscarriage and needed a sicknote but due to not being able to get an appointment I had to go back to work as I didn’t want to tell my employer why I was off this caused me stress which I told the receptionist but was again told to ring back which I was distressed.
The physio I saw made a referral for an MRI scan which came very quickly. The physio rang me with the results as soon as he got them.The whole thing was dealt with oromptly
GP was cooperative and helpful and I requested her to proceed my treatment as soon as possible.
Very considerable, and booked a physio appointment 👏 👌
Ms Taylor explained my scan results and was informative as to my options
The service I received was really good and i was was listened to
Great doctors surgery
She carried out the duties in a professional manner and answered questions.
Because the doctor recommended to do E C G, however because of unavailability of instrument the test was not performed.
Took BP and explained why.
Prompt efficient appointment
Dr Slade helped me with my systems
Asked for phone consultation with doctor
Very helpful
I rang up in the morning received a phone call and an appointment same day. This was great service and I have a follow up.
Sensible discussion
Very understanding and caring
Routine appointment
As required for my problem
Nurse was excellent and practice meets and exceeds expectations
Handled well by the nurse but systems not updated so historical info not available
Friendly professional. Did my asthma review at the same time.
I got the medication I required
Quick appointment (next day) after seeing doctor
Didnt doctor couldn’t diagnose over the phone
Waited three weeks for a telephone conversation and then got referred to the wrong
Dr DeSouza takes time to listen and gives good advice
Excellent manner and put me right at ease.
Listened and wasn’t rushed
She explained what happens when you have a fall.she recom
Dr Slade is amazing she really listens x
The nurse was kind and helpful and made an appointment as well but unfortunately with regards to doctor I am upset as I didn’t get a call from booked phone appointment and it’s always very difficult to book an appointment like my previous gp I was able to book an appointment online for any health issue dye to disability.
The dr was very pleasant and helpful.
Dr Slade went through possible reasons for my prob
Very helpful
Prompt response
Dr De Souza is always very friendly and approachable. He is efficient at understanding the problem, discussing it with you, listening to your comments and making a decision.
The staff was. Good
Excellent session
Excellent service, very helpful
Very nice person and efficient
Very professional care
The nurse was very pleasant and professional
Unfortunately being unwell I missed my appointment by 15 minutes I asked the receptionist if she could call through to the nurse and ask if she could still see me as there were absolutely no patients in the waiting room she did not call through and said that the nurses schedule was fully booked I feel if she had cold through I might have been able to see the nurse with blood test which would have taken a maximum of three to four minutes
caring emphathy ease
My appt was txt to me and acted on promptly and I was seen the following week , the nurse was professional and kind.
Checked with me why I was attending was informative, pleasant
Lovely lady
No time wasting Did not wait Very punctual with time