Patient Feedback From January 2024!



🌟👏 Highlighting our outstanding team members and the heartwarming feedback they've received in January 2024! 🌟
👩‍⚕️ Rebecca Hainsworth: "Rebecca was very helpful & very professional." - A testament to her dedication and expertise in patient care! 🌟
👨‍⚕️ Dr. Ong: "Dr. Ong listened and clarified one's health concerns...and dealt with such in a true manner." - Demonstrating compassion and attentiveness in every interaction. 🩺
👩‍⚕️ Dr. Jo Wilson: "I saw Jo Wilson...she made me feel like she actually cared about me." - Reflecting the genuine connection and commitment to patient well-being that defines our practice. 💖
👨‍⚕️ Ethan Yates: "Ethan is a super helpful person and a credit to the NHS, Excellent service." - Going above and beyond to ensure patients receive top-notch care! 🏥
👨‍⚕️ Dr. Morris: "I received a same day call from Dr. Morris who listened to my health issue..." - Highlighting our dedication to prompt, attentive care for every patient. ⏱️
👩‍⚕️ Dr. De Souza: "Dr. De Souza was really helpful and friendly and put me at ease..." - Embodying the compassionate, personalized care our patients deserve. 🤝
Thank you to our amazing patients for sharing their experiences, and to our exceptional staff for consistently delivering outstanding care! 🌟 #PatientCare #TeamAppreciation #PositiveFeedback


🌟 We're overwhelmed with gratitude for the heartwarming feedback we received from our incredible patients in January 2024! 🌟
✨ Here are just a few shining examples of the positivity shared with us:
👩‍⚕️ "Was given a same day appointment for a worrying issue." - Your well-being is our top priority, and we're here to provide timely care when you need it most.
👨‍⚕️ "The Doc was pleasant, welcoming, gave me good advice and followed up on time." - Compassionate care coupled with thorough follow-up ensures your health journey is supported every step of the way.
💼 "Resolved the issue quickly and effectively." - Our dedicated team works tirelessly to address your concerns efficiently, so you can get back to feeling your best.
🤗 "Dr. was reassuring and supportive." - We understand the importance of reassurance and emotional support during your healthcare journey, and we're here for you every step of the way.
⏰ "Seen on time also quick appointment available." - Your time is valuable, and we're committed to providing prompt and efficient appointments for your convenience.
👩‍⚕️ "The appointment was on time and the nurse was very helpful and professional." - From start to finish, our team is dedicated to providing a seamless and professional experience during your visit.
💬 "My request for a consultation was responded to promptly." - Your concerns matter to us, and we're here to address them promptly and with care.
👨‍⚕️ "Doctor was very pleasant, knowledgeable and gave reassurance." - Expertise, warmth, and reassurance are the cornerstones of our patient care approach.
🌱 "There was a plan for going forward." - Clear communication and a proactive approach ensure you're always on the path to better health with us.
👩‍⚕️👨‍💼 "Friendly efficient both doctor and receptionist." - A warm welcome and efficient service are what you can always expect from our dedicated team.
🧠 "Knowledgeable, prepared, helpful." - Our team is committed to staying informed and ready to assist you with any health concerns you may have.
📅 "Saw the GP day after requesting medical support." - Swift access to care means you can count on us to be there when you need us most.
🌟 Your positive feedback fuels our passion for providing exceptional care, and we're honored to be a part of your health journey. Thank you for choosing us! 💖 #PatientFeedback #Grateful #QualityCare


Dear Valued Patients,

We want to expres our sincere gratitude to each of you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs. Your feedback plays a crucial r ole in helping us improve our services, and we greatly appreciate the time you’ve taken to share your experience with us.

It has come to our attention that some of our patients have encountered challenges during their recent visits to our GP practice, and we want to address these concerns directly. Below, we have outlined responses to individual feedback submissions to ensure transparency and accountability:

1. “Didn’t check properly” and “not provided the proper treatment”: We sincerely apologise for any perception that our care was insufficient during your visit. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to understanding and addressing your concerns promptly. Please reach out to us directly so we can discuss your experience further and make the necessary improvements.
2. Failure to diagnose throat infection and delay in treatment: We deeply regret any delay in addressing your symptoms and the inconvenience this caused. Your feedback has been noted, and we will review our processes to prevent similar situations in the future. We are committed to providing accurate diagnoses and timely treatments to all our patients.
3. Challenges in scheduling appointments and brief telephone consultation: We apologise for the difficulty you experienced in accessing our services and any frustration it may have caused. Your feedback will be used to improve our appointment booking system and ensure that all patients receive the attention and care they deserve.
4. Lack of information and health check during appointment: We apologise for any oversight during your recent visit and appreciate your feedback regarding the need for specialised knowledge in menopause. Our team is committed to ongoing education and training to better address the diverse healthcare needs of our patients.
5. Insensitive communication from receptionist: We sincerely apologise for any distress caused by the interaction with our receptionist. We are taking this matter seriously and will provide additional training to ensure that all our staff members communicate effectively and sensitively with patients.
6. Issues with the booking system and extended wait time: We apologise for any inconvenience you experienced during the check-in process. Your feedback will be used to identify areas for improvement and ensure a smoother experience for all our patients.

Once again, we than you for sharing your feedback with us and for your continued support. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, and we are committed to making he necessary improvements to enhance your experience at our GP Practice.

If you have any further concerns or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We are here to listen and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Warm Regards,
Heald Green Health Centre Team

In just a few words, please could you tell us why you made that choice?
Was given a same day appointment for a worrying issue
Appointment was quick and very little hassle
Dr saw me and offered good consultation
Doctor listened and was caring
Seen on time
Very helpful
Very professional in treatment
Obtained what I needed
Didn’t check properly
Quick, helpful and efficient
It was quick
Was very helpful
Rebecca was very helpful & very professional
Always pleasant
not provided the proper treatment
The Doc was pleasant, welcoming, gave me good advice and followed up on time.
Listened and acted with reassurance and action plan
Satisfied with the treatment
Near to home
Very professional
Resolved the issue quickly and effectively.
Courteous, , friendly and very efficient
The consultation took the form of a telephone call.
I am referring to the appointment on 15/16 of december 2023. The GP failed to correctly diagnose my throat infection and I told him all my symptoms and how much pain I was in, the GP said Antibiotics won’t help. I then had to go emergency doctors the next day and they told me I had a throat infection and gave me antibiotics, which could’ve been avoided if the GP at heald green gave me them. I was also displaying symptoms of being allergic to penicillin that’s why I had to call the GP back and she was very nice and helped my problem and prescribed me different ones.
The Dr was very good. However I was on time but the machine wouldn’t sign me in. I tried a few times before giving up and trying to sign in with the receptionist who unfortunately was on the phone. This made me miss my appointment time and I was told someone would check if the Dr could still see me. I understand the importance of being on time, but being late due to computer error or lack of a medical secretary should not make a patient who is I’ll and had no sleep feel worse.
Treatment by the doctor
The GP was very good however the follow up for results was lacking nothing in place to pick up blood results when that GP only works on a Monday.g.
Very cooperative and supportive
He answered my questions

The person I spoke to was very good
Rarely ones able to see Doctors
Was professional

Felt relaxed with Doctor who talked to me about problems

Although no appts receptionist realised I was in pain and got me a telephone appt with doctor

Dr Ong listened and clarified one's healt concerns as detailed in letter eviously sent Dr Morris and dealt with such in a truepreviously sent Dr Morr
Dr was reassuring and supportive
Seen on time also quick appointment available
Most pleasant experience!!
Clear and good conversation
Very good
The appointment was on time and the nurse was very helpful and professional
Phone consultation good advise given but no instruction on taking medication
Dr listened, checked him out and offered advise followed by a text with additional information on.
My request for a consultation was responded to promptly.
Prompt response
Very efficient

Doctor was very pleasant, knowledgeable and gave reassurance.
The Dr was Excellant made you feel very relaxed
Understanding snd caring
There was a plan for going forward.
Nurse carried out a very professional explanation of what was about to occur during our meeting, and then proceeded to carry out the procedure required.
The doctors listen and understand
Dealt with the issue in hand
Requested telephone consultation received promptly
Doctor listened to me
Called at 8am to get an appointment, phone lines busy so just hung up on me, called back 30 more times before getting through, only to be told that I was in a queue but my place could be held and I would get a call back. I got a call back 30 mins later and was told that there were no appointments. I had to argue with the receptionist to get a telephone consultation (I have had the issue before so knew what I needed to be prescribed, just needed a doctor to prescribe it). When I finally spoke to a doctor the call lasted less than a minute.
Listened to a manic episode

Friendly efficient both doctor and receptionist
Quick, easy very straightforward
Because i think so
results discussed
Knowledgeable, prepared, helpful
This was a telephone appointment by the GP to give me information about a hospital appointment I had.
Excellent service on phone consultation
Because they are helpful people
Very professional

The nurse was relaxed and very friendly everythung
No problems.
Pleasant, I asked questions and responded which help put me at ease
Very polite and helpful
Dr was very helpful as always
Nurse was very professional
Saw the GP day after requesting medical support.
The doctor was informative and was able to calm ny concerns
I consider the service offered to be excellent.
He listened and asked questions

I did not see the doctor, it was a ‘phone call..
Helpful receptionist. Doctor went above & beyond. Couldn’t thank her enough
The doctor was very thorough and referred me to the Nightingale Centre
Great doctor and advice, understanding
The doctor was very caring

I think I spoke on the telephone and he was very nice and helpful.
Physiotherapy related problem
I saw my own doctor and was reassured by his advice
Was satisfied with my advise
They were very helpful
Friendly efficient service
It was a telephone conversation
Excellent service
Doctor was very helpful
Convenient telephone appointment and treatment prescribed effective
Because I needed more than increase my tablets
Mistake on my appointment I made it with a doctand saw a nurse

Very efficient
Treated with care
Appointment on time and very pleasant and informative
Needed a blood test.
Didn’t wait too long, polite GP
It was a positive experience which did not feel rushed.
The reason behind I took that decision the GP not accepting to hear about my health issues in same time he asked to get another appointment, that means he didn't save the time and for the environment, the reason I am saying that if I get the another appointment he needs to spend time with me again and prepare the room for the next patient,for the environment he needs to but I new tissue and cleaning for the area where he checked the patient also I came by the car, when I need to make another appointment I will come also by car that not good for environment
Gave me advice on a crying baby
I have been lucky enough to be seen by the same person who has been managing my health problems. The continuity is always reassuring.
Doctor gave no information on menopause just provided attachment to read and did not do a health check. He didn't take blood pressure and everyone I have spoken too need blood pressure taken before starting
In depth examination and knees injected
Listening to my needs

Excellent service by a doctor who listened & cared
Knowledgeable, friendly and efficient
Was seen on time and it was completed fast as well
telephone conversationwas right on time
Very nice lady
I saw Jo Lewis the locum doctor she was very friendly and made me feel like she actually cared about me
Ethan is a super helpful person and a credit to the NHS
Really nice
When I ring there are know appointments left
Dr DeSouza was really helpful and friendly and put me at ease
Thorough and helpful
I’ve been ill for two years and the first block is the doctors
Like talking to friends relaxing
The appointment was on time and the doctor was very good!

I received a same day call from Dr Morris who listened to my health issue and provided me with antibiotics and guidance should my condition worsen
Dr examine me very well and try to get to my problems
Very pleasant nurse. Coveted my health checkup well
Excellent care very informative about my tests

Nurse looks after me very well
The nurse was polite and gave me all the information I needed
Was able to give correct medication
I was late and waiting for people at the reception to move and the lady said see if she see waiting for about 5min and the reception lady shout me and said she won't see you just come out of hospital about 6 day go
On time
Very pleasant gentleman
On time and very knowledgeable
Efficient and helpful explained

The appointment was punctual and DR was very helpful.
Prompt, kindly, efficient care
On time, very pleasant.
Because they sorted the problem
The member of staff was friendly
Not overly impressed
On time
really lovely lady
Rebecca is always pleasant and seems to be knowledgable about her work
Member of the nursing was extremely polite & very courteous.
Done her job well
Seen on time, very pleasant staff.
Ethan is always helpful and friendly
Always feel comfortable with Doctors advice
The nurse that attended me was very warm and friendly
The nurse e everything to me and was friendly
Good explanation of my symptoms and blood results. Possible medication explained.
Booking in screens said I had know appointment. Queued for long time at reception to book in.
Very thorough
Didn't " see" anyone. Phone contact . Dr was helpful.
Very professional.
My problem was sorted
Very thorough and competent
Telephone appointment worked for me
On time, efficient and professional
08.30 apppointment, came out 08.35, done!
I had blood taken and was looked after
The nurse was patient and efficient in taking a blood sample
Nurse checked and explained everything
Very efficient
Quick appointment and Saturday appointment.
Because excellent isn’t available
On time highly professional interaction good patient care and information
Dealt with effectively
Dr gave me emergency appt and saw me in the surgery

Good staff that use common sense initiative instead of robots following a script
I was treated with care and patience.

Was very helpful
It was an excellent experience
He gave me what I asked for.
I was treated with care and kindness
Dr telephoned and discussed my problems with patients
The appointment was personal and did not feel time pressured.
Simple assessment
Answered my concerns professionally.
The nurse was very pleasant and welcoming.
Am satisfied
The nurse gave you confidence very professional v
I had never had bloods taken and the nurse made me feel at ease and comfortable throughout the process

Because I was seen again the same day within 2 hours to check my heart
Nurse was very friendly and reassuring
It was prompt, friendly and efficient.
HCA very professional and friendly

Cared for
Ethan gave me direct answers to my medical questions
Knee specialist
Ciaran explain the procedure carefully and put my fears at ease
Very good consultation
Very friendly and efficient
She was very helpful
I was seen at the appointed time. Rebecca knew exactly what I was there for and everything was done professionally and with care.
Prompt efficient attention.’
I was seen to on time and dealt with very effectively by a lovely nurse
He was quick and thorough.
Knowledge care professional helpful
I could not be seen at Heald Green so had to attend Gatley
I had to see my doctor at another practice as no appts available at mine for a while..
Doctor made the appointment
The nurse was extremely good
It helped me
Clearly answer my questions and do th proper referrals
The physio Nick looked confused and did not know what to recommend after I told him my symptoms.
Made me feel comfortable and knew my history
Nurse very knowledgeable put me at ease
Seen early. Quick efficient. Nice staff
Dr de Souza rang to explain new meds that he had ordered for me.
Lovely Dr.

Appointment on time and really nice nurse who put me at ease
Seen on time, very friendly nurse, and very informative.
All doctors good
He was pleasant and polite.

Pleasant and professional
Thorough exam of importance

Helpful and informative
Ethan was brilliant very caring.
Nurse was quick and very professional
Professional and approachable
Lovely caring nurse good at her job
The nurse was very warming and makes you feel at ease when you’re nervous
The doctor put me at ease
Seen very quick

Kind caring lovely nurse at gatley

Very professional
Excellent service. On time, professional and took my blood sample in no time.
Very helpful,
Seen quickly. Nurse was very confident, explained matters well
I always have good service from the surgery
On time
Friendly welcome
Seen quickly
Excellent service.
On time, efficient & pleasant
The nurse I saw was very nice and took my blood without any problem.
The nurse was professional and polite