December 2024 Patient Feedback

In just a few words, please could you tell us why you made that choice?

Made sure I understood everything she was telling me and was all round great with me

Very efficient rang me on time and looked my past history
Called for a telephone appointment and the doctor rang me back within 5 minutes to prescribe me with the medication I needed
Was told to expect a call between 9 and 12. Call received just after 9
Nurse very understanding and talked through my anxieties
Thorough examination
Brilliant service as usual
No hassle
Very informative and enlightening about my conditions
The doctor was very thorough and helpful.
Booking system was long and difficult to get an appointment- tool over 25mins to get a phone appointment. Doctor did not ring in the timescale given.
The service was provided to a high standard

Staff on reception and young doctors need better training on how to care for women who have had babies who have died.
Was very understanding for the anu being nervous about having his throat examined
Good response from the Gp
The Dr I had my appointment with listened to what I had to say they shown great empathy with myself
Kind and skilled
Super efficient
Pretty quick to be seen then good appointment with the Dr
Very efficiento
I felt Dr Slade understood my situation and dealt with it promptly.
I was seen at Same Day Emergency Care, Wythenshawe Hospital after attending A & E on the evening of 15 November, a Wed with palpitations after a busy shopping day.

The advice given was generic and known by me.
Very informative, good discussion on the symptoms. And mos of all a follow up text . Great 👍
Appointment 30+ mins late, and not impressed with the consultantion with a wishy washy suggestion of the diagnosis but to come back in 2 weeks if still an issue and attitude of the doctor when I asked if it as OK to drink alcohol with the antibiotics I was prescribed
Very helpful and understanding
Explained everything well. Put me at ease. Very professional
Was in a manic state and was calmed down
The doctor was very helpful.
The surgery made the choice
The choice was made by the surgery
Health review
Friendly but professional
Understanding and very professional
Understanding and very professional
GP listened to my sons issues and completed a thorough examination. Provided a diagnosis and treatment plan. Showed empathy and understanding. Gave advice on potential future complications. Prescription completed in a timely fashion allowing me to collect the medication within minutes of the consultation.
Doctor was very approachable and very friendly
Appointment on time. Nurse very nice and made me feel comfortable during smear test
Nurse was helpful with her advice
No waiting time, told me what I wanted and to the point.
Professional and polite
Appointment was on time and nurse was fantastic felt very comfortable
I was able to have same day telephone appt for a recurrent infection
The appointment was on time , the nurse was lovely knowledgeable and answered any questions I had
Advice given, efficiency of visit and pleasant manner of nurse

Nurse was very friendly and put me at ease
Everything was excellent
A competent professional
Dr Morris very kindly fitted my mother's pessary on a home visit because she is housebound.
Very friendly and helpful
I made a request for a prescription, was asked pertinent question in relation to the request, was told that I would get the prescription. Dr was personable and efficient.

Good Attitude
He was a very pleasant nurse was Ethan xx
Dr very caring and told me she would get back to me when she s had a chat with the team wich she did and rang me this morning 4/12/23 👍
Very informative and useful information
Profession, cool calm approach.
Seen and treated quickly
I do not have any problem with an answer as usually I get excellent treatment with all members of staff. My only problem is the difficulty with getting an appointment which I think is down to the nhs problems at this time.
Seen quickly friendly professional staff

Prompt appt a.nd very efficient
Happy smiling excellent clear commications, made it easy to understand.
Really nice nurse who helped put me at ease

High blood pressure concerns. Highlighted at hospital and on 5 separate occasions- just got palmed off and told measure it from home
So understanding
Doctor is very understanding and kind
Could not obtai bloods at first attempt
The doctor was reassuring and informative.
The Dr was very friendly and put me a ease explaining everything
Rebecca was very understanding and put me at ease

The nurse was very helpful
On time and friendly manner.
We discussed the problem and made a plan
Came for a blood test. Nurse was very friendly and professional and put my ease
4 attempts at taking bloods which the following nurse managed in 1 attempt
Same nurse, half the battle
Professional answer
Pleasant interactions with all staff
It was my first appointment in pregnancy , it is already late you guys gave me super late appointment and when i reached there nurse told me it will be of only 30 minutes i was shocked why she replied because who ever booked you in is a stupid person and your nurse is already on vacations . So in 30 minutes she fill my notes half and told me that you have to book appoinment again and have to come again some day

Don’t really enjoy visiting the surgery
Politeness and efficiency
She picked up the n a problem and provided appropriate medication
Gave me some information that I wanted to know
Very helpful and she was interested and listened to what I had to say Great Job.
Doctor showed lots of interest in my concern and took care with her checks
Rebecca the nurse very pleasant. Explained everything to me.
Pleasant helpful staff makes the appointment not so stressful
Invariably efficient and ffriendly
Everything Very professional

Friendly and helpful
Easy to check in, appointment was a few minutes late but that wasn’t an issue.
Explained everything well
Very helpful and on time
She was lovely with my little boy and explained what was going to happen.
Nurse was very considerate
I saw Dr De Souza and he was very helpful with each of my health issues
Waited all day for Practice Manager to call, to put in a formal complaint. No phone call
The dr listened & examined my arm that was hurting properly
Very efficient
The nurse answered all my questions which never happens when you see the doctor
My appointment with the nurse was good, she was friendly and took my blood pressure and took blood samples very efficiently without any pain
The lady nurse was very polite, professional and quick.
As below

Nurse was very pleasant & thorough

Appointment was a few minutes late but my appointment was very quick
For a joint injection
The doctor was very helpful efficient and a nice person who made you feel welcome
Friendly, helpful member of staff
Nurse put me at ease straight away and although i had not seen him since last year he had remembered me.
All who I came in contact with were very helpful and knowledgeable
I have had a number of appointments with Ethan now and he is always positive, polite and incredibly helpful.
On time, knowledgeable & efficient.
Appalachian, sufficient
As usual, I felt reassured by the advice given to me and the continuity of seeing the same medical professionals who know me.

Friendly nurse
Appointment on time. Nurse friendly and professional
Doctor was very helpful and made me feel at ease.
The midwife Julie made us feel welcomed, relaxed and cared for.
Very polite . Didn’t feel rushed . Kind and thoughtful
I was seen on time and very efficient
First visit felt confident
Efficient and nice
Was efficient
Appointment on time and staff very friendly
Very attentive & good advice
On time with the scheduled appointment
Great care
Consultation was on time and efficient
Needed advice
I made that choice because the nurse was very helpful and he was very efficient.
Because I was examined throughly
Nurse was very professional and polite
Nurse Sarah Holt is such caring person, she does her utmost to help with whatever I am suffering with..such a lovely, lovely person.
I was given medication took her time and helped
Listened to what I said and has done some follow up bloods but did say she would contact regarding something but never has.
Fast, smooth workflow, skilful blood taking technique
The nurse was very professional, kind & patient.
underdstands my ailment and helped me plan my ongoing treatmen.
Pleased with the care
Was seen very quickly.
helpful, caring, friendly, professional
Efficient and punctual and friendly staff.
Always had good service

Waiting time not long. Nurse very polite and welcoming.
The great interaction the nurse gave
Very efficient
Relaxed and informed
Good nurse, extremely pleasant and caring
Very pleasant, smiley lady.

On time and very efficient and friendly
Was told to just do what already doing

Always a first class service. I feel cared for.
She was very pleasant and informative
The nurse was very friendly
Very professional
Caring full examination took bloods arrange scan
On time appointment and very polite and professional
The doctor was interested it what I had to say
I was seen early, dealt with efficiently
Took her time
Very Surported
Two staff attended me both were contentious and polite.
Very careful
Please tell us what you think we did well during your visit.

Explaining everything well, very understanding and helpful, made sure I felt comfortable with her

As above
Got an appointment straight away and spoke to the doctor
Solution to problem dealt with efficiently
All of my visit was good and i came away feeling better
Gave medication that teens to be eorking
Everything from phoning in to receiving a call from the Doctor
Didn’t have to visit
As above
Very pleasant and helpful staff.
Staff were polite when spoken too.
On time, friendly
Sarah, the nurse, cared for me when she saw me crying in the corridor. She was wonderful and asked about my baby. She brought me some water and checked how long the doctor would be.
Was seen very quickly
Good service
Listened and dealt with any concerns
The appointment was without any daley.
Be kind
All went well
Everything...except for the auto-bookin in system ... which failed again.
My heart rhythm had returned to normal and recorded 64 beats per minute on Propranolol. Advised by Wythenshaw to continue my regime. I did not attend Heald Green Health Centre.

Call wS on time.
Discussed in detail the symptoms, we’re given information on the illness as we were not aware of and listen .
The reception staff was friendly and welcoming
As above
Listening talking so helpful
The doctor understood my requirements
Very good session
It all went exceptionally good
Took blood and pulse reading.
Seen quickly
Helping with booking in and appointment pretty much on schedule
Receptionist very polite and through
As above
Doctor Elora was very thorough
As above
Explained the details thoroughly
Very efficient
Explained to me
On time and lovely nurse
Able to have same day appointment
Efficiency and smoothness of visit.

Apointment was on time
Everything was done perfectly
On time and a very positive experience
The procedure went very well because Dr Morris softened the pessary to make it more flexible with hot tap water before fitting it.
Completed routine check very informative.
See above

It was a phone call caring
Very efficient
Good consultation and follow up
Not a lot of waiting time and very polite staff
Efficient and friendly
Time keeping
The nurse took my bloods & was very careful & did not bruise me. I also saw a nurse who checks up with elderly patients fitness.
Seen very wuickly

Treated well and going to start new inhalers
Communication was very clear in layman's terms.
Made me feel at ease

Did everything
Taking care of patients in best way
Nature of nurse practitioner obtaining blood
Easy booking in and not having to wait too long.
Explaining everything
I was given enough time

As I've said the nurse was very helpful and suggested things that has not been suggested before before
Arranged my appointment quickly.
Very pleasant doctor

Efficient appointment times
Same nurse
Professional service
Pathethic irresponsible practice

Appointment actually on time
Fast and effective service
We'll timed
listen to what I had to say
Nurse listened and was on time and interested in what I had to say
Very attentive

Very nice friendly nurse
React and inform
Very punctual and everything explained properly

Answered all my questions
The nurse was very thorough and went through everything with me.
Punctual polite friendly knew about history
Smooth check-in, the waiting time wasn’t long and appointment went well.
Asked questions sensitively
As above
No. Please call Mrs Sargent 07972840384

On time
Short waiting time and friendly treatment
The waiting time was vrey short, the receptionist very polite, the nurse knew what she was doing and was considerate and polite.
Appointment on time and blood sample taken was painless and quick

He was very professional, explained what I required & in nice, friendly way that left me feeling relaxed

Blood test - taken quickly and easily and normally doctors have trouble taking my blood
Very relaxed Dr was excellant
Answered my questions
Ensured a warm, professional and friendly environment.

I felt that was listened to and cared for during my appointment.
See above
Very quick
My assessment and subsequent procedures were very thoroughal

Reassuring during immunisations
Listened and communicated well
Prompt and excellent service
There was a lot of care displayed and attention to us. It made us feel relaxed and comfortable.
Made me feel I was not wasting their time . Listened to me and gave positive helpful advise
The nurse was able to help me re HRT
On time all questions answered very pleased

Pleasant & helpful
Very pleasant nurse
Helpful receptionist, nurse assisted with a secondary issue meaning that another appointment was not required
Helped with advice about exercises to do for my broken shoulder
My appointment was on time and the nurse even helped me to use the NHS app to look for my results when they come through .I did not know how to do that so I really appreciate that.
I got an appointment when phoning at 8am, for the same day at 11am
You dealt with my visit first class..
It’s was good to see the doctor face to face
Nothing I’m particularly
Fast, smooth workflow, skilful blood taking technique
all good
Explained everything in details
Listened, reassured.
Helpful, extra effort taken,
Friendly and respectful
Nurse was very helpful and friendly to talk too
Appointment was on time and the nurses were friendly but professional. They were quite happy to answer out questions
Overall service excellent.
Good old fashion care
Kept to appointment times
Most nurses have skill However important to deliver treatment in a pleasant manner without stress or worry
Made me feel comfortable, and made me smile.

On time friendly and efficient

Great experience from making appointment to end of appointment. I always feel listene to and that my opinion counts
Appointment on time
Made me feel comfortable
Reassured me my lump she didn't think it was anything sinister
Very informative and pleasant
The nurse was caring, thorough, and efficient
As above
A good listener asked all the right questions
Appointment was on time, so no long wait.
Efficient care for the boys
Explain the injection method